Shefa'a Natural Soap

More than 2000 years ago, a civilization was born, whom reserved what it had most valued to themdespite the evolutions in the region. On this territory, has been found a millennial tree where each of its branches narrated a story full of wisdom; the story of these passionate men who created and mastered a profession.

Over time, this mastery has transformed into an art whose perfume has embalmed the world.

Nature is a treasure and this treasure of nature has given us this art.



Our ambition is to help our current society to find a qualitative and healthy lifestyle. To return to the use of natural, healthy and organic products.


Our mission is to be the leader in the manufacturing and the sale of high-end and organic soaps in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

We aim to achieve by being efficient and providing quality products, according to the market demand in compliance with the norms and standards of health.


Aleppo soap is one of the oldest soaps in the world. It is handmade soap and is composed of extra virgin olive oil and pure laurel oil.

To obtain a quality soap and preserve the benefits of the used ingredients, the soap is produced in the coldest months of the year, between November and April.

The manufacturing of Aleppo soap

Firstly, the olive oil is poured into a large barrel, then water and sodium hydroxide are added. Afterwards the tank is heated to a certain degree for the contents to be boiled and properly mixed.

After 3 days of boiling, the olive oil reacts with the water and sodium hydroxide to form a thick liquid soap.

At the end of the process, laurel oil is added. The whole lot is mixed in the tank and then spilled on a sheet of wax placed on the floor of the factory.

The soap then resembles to a large green and flat mass. It is left on the ground to cool and harden for about a day.

While the soap is rapidly cooling, the artisans equipped with planks of wood attached to their feet, walk on the soap to smooth the plate and get a uniform thickness.

The soap is then cut. Three artisans slide on a rake-like artisanal cutter through the soap until they get individual cubes. Each cube is then stamped with the name of the craftsman.

Finally, the cubes of soaps are stacked in pyramids offset to allow maximum exposure to air.

Once sufficiently dried, the soaps are deposited in a specially designed underground chamber, to rest between six months to a year.

History of Aleppo Soap

Aleppo soap is so old that many consider it as the grandfather of all soaps. It was quoted in some passages of Holy books, and was engraved on clay tablets found in Mesopotamia.

Samples of this soap were discovered during archaeological excavations in the area where the ancient Kingdom of Babylon was located. Substances similar to Aleppo soap have been found in sorts of jars justifying their existence for at least 2800 BC.

On the same spot, a text has been found mentioning that olive oil mixed with salt made it possible to cure skin diseases and to wash the body.

From this ancient heritage, art, love and passion of soap, arose our factory. We work with rigor to master and develop this ancient profession, the soap fabrication.

Half a century ago, our family made one of the most important evolutions in Aleppo soap, by adding the first concentrated laurel leaves mixed with other natural plants, which are extremely nourishing for the skin and the hair.

Therefore, we introduced different range of Shefa'a Aleppo soaps. A high quality range designed with noble raw materials and a high concentration of essential oils to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


Our soap factory designs and produces soaps made from extra virgin olive oil and 100% natural pure laurel oil. These are considered as natural benefits for your hair, your face and your body.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is rich in minerals (potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, chlorine) and vitamins A, B, C, E and F.

Full of healing virtues, it nourishes your skin and restores it by preventing the appearance of wrinkles. It also Disinfects and Purifies the skin and Scalp by Eliminating Pimples and Fistulas. Acting as a hair tonic treatment, it gives suppleness and a glow to your hair while avoiding their fall.

In a few words, it is nourishing, emollient, soothing and antioxidant.

Laurel Oil:

Laurel oil is used to disinfect the skin and remove dead skin. It is also known for its therapeutic virtues against rheumatism and muscle aches.

In a few words, it is purifying, astringent and disinfecting.

Shefa'a products

We have the most original and authentic Aleppo soaps on the market.

Made from an artisanal production and totally natural ingredients, our soaps are unique, versatile and rich in therapeutic and dermatological virtues.

We offer Aleppo soap in solid and as well as liquid forms.

Our designed packages, from the most classic to the most luxurious, our soaps are perfect to offer.

We are more than pleased to offer you this wonderful heritage that is Aleppo soap.

We have an attractive range of soaps with more unique scents than the others. From the jasmine soap of Damascus, rose water, almond oil or musk and amber, all our scents will fascinate you in the sensation of the well-being.

Our soaps are totally natural and are made from extra virgin olive oil and pure laurel oil. They are mixed with different plants and flowers known for their therapeutic and dermatological virtues.

Our soaps are one of the unique and best quality soaps in the world. They are excellent for your body and help prevent all type of skin problems.

For example, our Beiloun soap (Aleppo clay) and coconut oil help prevent hair loss and treats dandruff.

Our black cumin soap (nigella), honey or tea tree helps to heal the irritations and inflammations of your skin, eliminates pimples and problems caused by acne.

Finally, our soaps with rose water, almond oil or jasmine have regenerative and firming virtues. They are considered as a natural anti-wrinkle.